Shisha Bowl

If you’re a fan of shisha, then you’re probably familiar with TABAKU. This crafted shisha tobacco blend is quickly becoming one of the most popular flavours around Australia, and for a good reason – it’s unique! If you want to enjoy TABAKU to the fullest, though, you need to use the right type of shisha bowl. This blog post will tell you about the type of bowl that works best with TABAKU and teach you how to pack it. So let’s get started!

How to pack TABAKU shisha flavours?

It’s safe to say that packing shisha bowls is the most important step in hookah preparation. When using Shisha Australia tobacco with more juice, such as TABAKU and Fumari, the Fluff Pack in a Phunnel Bowl works best.

Shisha Bowls Types.

Shisha Australia bowls are categorised into three major groups, regardless of brand, size, or glazed type. The bowls are known as the Phunnel, Egyptian, and Vortex. The Egyptian hookah bowl is a classic design with few holes inside the bowl. The shisha tobacco is placed right above the holes. A Vortex bowl features a central dome with holes surrounding the top, whereas a Funnel bowl just has one hole in the doughnut-shaped canal.

Why Phunnel bowl?

The Phunnel bowl’s shape makes it the best choice to enjoy TABAKU shisha tobacco. The Phunnel bowl outperforms the Egyptian bowl Because the design prevents shisha tobacco from falling through the holes, and it also prevents shisha from clogging the perforations.

The funnel bowl features one hole in the centre of the doughnut-shaped canal, which prevents shisha flavours from dripping down the shaft and maintains the flavours and tobacco together throughout your smoking experience, ensuring that the flavour taste doesn’t fade. The flavour will last for up to two hours if you don’t overheat it

 Bowl packing Menthols.

The bowl packing method should change depending on the brand and type of hookah tobacco you’re using. If you pack your shisha tobacco incorrectly, you’ll waste tobacco and have a less satisfying experience. If you employ the wrong packaging method, even the highest quality and most heat-resistant shisha tobacco like TABAKU might be burned so quickly. There are three ways to pack shisha tobacco within a shisha bowl: Semi Dense Pack, Normal Pack, and Dense Pack.

Fluff Pack

By implying the fluff pack, you will allow gravity to do the work for you. Begin with a small amount of shisha tobacco and place it inside the bowl with a small fork (no finger) until it gets just below the rim of the bowl. Then, using a fork or hole poker, you gently divide the leaves and remove any extra. It is critical not to pat the tobacco down but rather to spread it evenly just below the rim level. This pack must have a large number of air pockets in order to be classified as a proper fluff pack. Wet shisha tobacco brands that perform well with Semi Dense Pack include TABAKU, Fumari, Starbuzz, Social Smoke, and Hookain.

Normal Pack(Traditional Pack)

After completing all of the steps of the Fluff Packing Method, you gently push the tobacco within the shisha bowl with your finger or fork at the end. Remember that air pockets are still required in a normal pack. Understanding your density levels is the most important aspect of this pack. It is very common to overdo the pat down, resulting in an entirely new density level, which we will address in the following method, Dense Pack. Dry shisha tobaccos with a high fructose content that results in a sticky texture, such as Al Fakher, Adalia, ZoMo, Al-Waha, and Mazaya, work nicely with the normal pack.

Dense Pack

In order to get the best Dense Pack, the goal is to distribute the tobacco equally. Start with your fluff pack, develop it to the normal pack, and then go even further by spreading the tobacco completely to the rim and minimising the air pockets to near no air pockets. This method is commonly used for dark leaf shisha tobaccos such as Musthave, Darkside, Tangiers, and TABAKU’s new dark leaf line.

We hope you enjoyed this post on how to get the most out of your TABAKU shisha experience. Make sure to use a Phunnel bowl and follow the fluff pack method for best results. And be sure to check out our online store for all your TABAKU needs. Thanks for reading!