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Shisha Lounges

We’re proud to supply top quality Shisha Tobacco, Shisha Coals and Shisha Accessories for 40+ shisha lounges, cafes, and restaurants around Australia. We give your business that competitive edge and will satisfy your customer with our premium and long-lasting shisha tobacco flavours! We also provide our shisha flavours at wholesale prices.

On top of our 80 top quality shisha tobacco flavours, TABAKU is introducing Custom-made shisha tobacco, A new way to give your customers their favourite flavours. You can order Custom-Made Tabaku Shisha Tobacco for your shisha lounge, and one of our skilled and knowledgeable tobacconists will blend and craft it for you and your customers’ unique tastes! You can choose flavours, the strength and nicotine level, and how much menthol is present in each mixture, giving your customers something to enjoy!

We ensure that your staff is well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare a perfect shisha for your customers and keep them updated on the best flavour mixes.

The next time you need shisha flavours, order them from us. We are the only company in Australia that delivers Premium Shisha Tobacco all around Australia to ensure your supply never runs out!

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At Tabaku Shisha Tobacco we are very selective about who we work with because we are proud of the brand that we have created and want to make sure we align ourselves with the right partners who have the same goals as us.

TABAKU shisha tobacco products are heavily controlled and regulated products that are imported and sold in compliance with a wide range of Commonwealth, State and Territory laws. These include, but are not limited to, laws relating to customs and excise duties, plain packaging, product warning labels, fire risk reduction, retailer licensing, and a range of point-of-sale restrictions.

If you are interested in becoming a Tabaku stockist, then please get in touch using the form below, we will assess your application based on our brand guidelines and let you know.

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