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What is TABAKU?

TABAKU is an Australian Shisha Tobacco brand.

Since TABAKU early beginnings in 2018, it has been providing customers with high-quality shisha flavours. TABAKU is a handcrafted shisha tobacco made with German ingredients, including tobacco grown in Germany, and based on both classic and modern recipes. TABAKU offers over 100 unique shisha flavours. 

TABAKU’s African Queen flavour exemplifies their dedication to innovation and quality. This award-winning shisha flavour has been carefully crafted to provide distinct flavours. TABAKU’s commitment to quality has helped them become one of the most popular shisha tobacco brands in Australia, with smokers frequently praising their products’ rich flavour and smooth smoke.

Does TABAKU shisha tobacco contain nicotine?


Tabaku shisha tobacco does contain nicotine, and is highly addictive. Tabaku is made of German-grown tobacco, which is unique in its flavour and smoothness. It’s one of the reasons why Tabaku has become so popular among shisha smokers.

Why is TABAKU moister than most traditional shisha tobacco flavours like Al Fakher?

TABAKU blends extra flavours into the shisha tobacco leaf.

TABAKU does not take shortcuts. The Shisha Australia flavouring recipes and ratios have been developed to provide the most intense and longest-lasting shisha tobacco on the market. 

TABAKU flavours can be smoked for up to 1.5 hours and the flavour can be enjoyed throughout the session. Unlike Al Fakher and Al Waha, where the flavour fades after 20 minutes and they can only smell burning charcoal for the rest of the session.

Is it needed for me to get a juice from TABAKU before using it?


Many shisha smokers still dry their shisha tobacco before packing it, which is incorrect. They make this mistake to keep the juices from dripping through the bowl and into the pipe. 

The phunnel bowl was born as a result. The phunnel bowl was created to keep the flavour contained within the bowl, increasing shisha tobacco’s heat resistance throughout the smoking session.

How should TABAKU shisha flavours be packed?

Fluff Pack in a Phunnel Bowl.

The most important step in hookah preparation is packing shisha bowls. When using moist shisha tobacco, such as TABAKU, the Fluff Pack in a Phunnel Bowl works best. 

You will allow gravity to do the job for you by implying the fluff pack. Begin by placing a little amount of shisha tobacco into the bowl using a small fork (no finger) until it comes just below the rim. The tobacco leaves are then carefully separated and any excess removed with a fork or hole poker. It is crucial to distribute the tobacco evenly just below the rim level rather than pressing it down. In order to be recognised as a good fluff pack, this pack must contain significant number of air gaps.

What exactly is a phunnel shisha bowl?

A Shisha Bowl is a device that sits on top of a hookah and holds shisha tobacco inside. To keep the cooked charcoal on top of the shisha tobacco and turn it on for smoking, the top of the bowl is wrapped in foil with holes. Shisha bowls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and the quality of your shisha smoking session can be greatly influenced by them.

The Phunnel Bowl is a type of shisha bowl with a single hole in the middle of the doughnut-shaped canal, which prevents shisha flavour from leaking down the shaft and keeps the flavours and shisha tobacco together throughout your smoking session, ensuring that the flavour taste does not fade. If you don’t overheat it with the right Shisha HMD, the flavour will last up to two hours.

What Exactly is Shisha HMDs?

Shisha HMDs (Heat Management Device) are essential for maximising your hookah experience. Specifically designed to evenly distribute heat, extend coal longevity, and make your smoking session run more smoothly overall.

The simplest and best Shisha HMDs are leaf HMDs, which are a small steel tray with a leafy shape plastic handle to hold cooked charcoal on top of the shisha bowls. It can also help in the replacement of charcoal during a smoking session, preventing ash from falling into your shisha bowl and changing the taste of your shisha tobacco flavours.

Leaf HMDs should be used in combination with foil. Some shisha smokers do not use foil, instead placing the Leaf HMDs directly on the packed shisha bowl. Because the holes on the Leaf HMDs are so large, this setup without foil will allow the ash to fall inside the bowl and mix with the shisha tobacco flavours, causing the flavours to change. The amount of ashes covering the shisha tobacco inside the bowl may cause you to taste burned. It is not possible to fix it all during a smoking session. In the middle of a smoking session, the foil combined with Leaf HMD prevents the ash from affecting the shisha flavours

Is it necessary to chop the tobacco leaf before packing TABAKU?


It is not necessary, but if you want to pack your shisha tobacco into a small size shisha bowl, it is acceptable to chop the shisha tobacco leaf into smaller sizes to make loading the shisha tobacco into the bowl easier. To cut your shisha tobacco with scissors, simply hold the TABAKU pack in one hand while cutting the entire pack in multiple directions to achieve the desired, evenly smaller cut.

Chopping shisha tobacco has no effect on the flavour performance or the final result.

What is FCV German tobacco?

Flue-Cured Virginia (FCV) German tobacco with a distinct lemon bright color is rare and scarce. All cultivation, curing, and processing occurs in Germany using the most advanced techniques and strictest standards.

TABAKU uses only German FCV tobacco in its shisha tobacco products. This is another reason why this product is so well-liked among Australian shisha enthusiasts.

How do we choose the right flavours from TABAKU's extensive list of shisha flavours?

TABAKU offers over 100 different shisha tobacco flavours, as well as a custom-made shisha tobacco service for Australian shisha enthusiasts, making it difficult to choose a flavour. As a result, TABAKU offers 25g sample packs, which are ideal for trying a variety of flavours. 

Depending on how you pack and the size of your shisha bowls, 25g shisha tobacco is enough for 1 or 2 shisha heads. You can buy larger packs in 50g, 100g, and 250g once you’ve found your favourite TABAKU flavours.

Is it possible to mix different TABAKU flavours in one Shisha Bowl?


The most enjoyable aspect of shisha smoking is combining different flavours of shisha tobacco to create a unique smoking experience. You can mix as many flavours as you want. However, if you try to mix too many flavours, you might not get a good result. We recommend combining two or three different shisha flavours in one head. 

There are two methods for mixing multiple flavours in a single shisha bowl. You can either mix the flavours together and then pack them into the shisha bowls, or you can place each flavour side by side in the shisha bowl. Even if you use the same flavour ratio, the result will be different if you use these different packing methods. You might need to try both methods. 

When you first start experimenting with flavour combinations, we recommend using the side by side technique for simple mixes and mixing no more than three flavours at a time.

How do you find the best shisha flavour mixing ratio?

Finding a good shisha flavour mix and the right ratio took a lot of trial and error. You should keep track of each mix and use a scale to measure the amount of each flavour you use. You can also ask about the most popular shisha flavour mixes and their rations from other shisha smokers.

You can indeed visit TABAKU Store in Rydalmere NSW, where our knowledgeable and experienced tobacconists will be happy to assist you and provide you with the best possible TABAKU product mixes.

If you are not in Sydney and have purchased TABAKU shisha flavours online from states and territories other than NSW, please contact our tobacconist via WhatsApp Business Account +(61) 0405 309 130. Our tobacconist will be happy to assist you with the best possible TABAKU mixes, the majority of which have been suggested by TABAKU fans since TABAKU was introduced in Australia in 2018.