wholesale shisha flavours

TABAKU Shisha Tobacco Flavours Wholesales Solutions – All about sell to Shisha Lounges.

wholesale shisha flavours

TABAKU imports some of Australia’s most well-known and iconic shisha flavours. We take great pride as a tobacco business in delivering exceptional value for money while also selling high-quality shisha tobacco and providing excellent services. You can be certain that our TABAKU brand reflects our skill, quality, and knowledge. If you own a shisha bar, lounge, or café, you are aware of how important customer satisfaction is. For your business, TABAKU can offer a Shisha Tobacco Flavours Wholesales in Australia solution that will help you exceed customer expectations.

TABAKU collaborates with over 40 shisha establishments and lounges in Australia. TABAKU has a shisha tobacco solution that will work for you, no matter how big or little your business is. As the leading commercial provider of shisha tobacco in Australia, we offer you the professionalism, dependability, consistency, and short delivery times you need. Since our shisha tobacco products mixed and packed close to where they are sold and consumed, our shisha tobacco is always at its freshest. We can assist you with anything from shisha flavours and shisha accessories to training, allowing you to concentrate on the front of your shisha bar.

wholesale shisha flavours


We are specialist tobacconists, not just another retailer; we use the finest German ingredients and leaf to create our own hand-crafted shisha flavours and custom-blended molasses. By keeping up with all Australian tobacco rules and regulations for importing, distributing, and appropriately packing our product so our products are always in compliance. As a result, we are able to give you a tax invoice for your purchase and provide a safe and secure online payment gateway so that you can transfer money from anywhere in Australia. It doesn’t matter whatever city your shisha lounges are in—Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or Adelaide—you can buy shisha tobacco from our Sydney-based tobacco company. In the current market, where the majority of your clients prefer to pay with a credit card, you can claim a tax deduction of your tobacco purchase for your shisha business along with the GST.

On the other hand, everyone in the current Australian shisha market is aware that practically all shisha tobacco is marketed illegally. It is likely that Australian government agencies, such as the ATO, will soon begin investigating respectable shisha lounge and asking their shisha business about the provenance of the shisha tobacco they purchased for their shisha lounge in past years. A shisha lounge is more likely to receive harsh fines as they buy more shisha tobacco on the illegal market without any sort of proof of purchase. You can keep your business and investment safe by purchasing your shisha tobacco goods at a reasonable price from a reliable and legal shisha tobacco supplier like TABAKU.

wholesale shisha flavours


As any business owner knows, dependability is key when it comes to finding a supplier. You need to be able to depend on your supplier to provide you with high-quality products in a timely manner. This is why we are excited to offer our shisha tobacco for your shisha business. We have a long-term plan and are committed to supplying shisha tobacco into the Australian market for many years.

For that reason, we decided to comply with all types of Australian tobacco rules and regulations in this market which almost 100% of the shisha tobacco is supplied through smugglers, illegal channels, and the black market. This commitment to dependability ensures that you can depend on us to provide you with the products you need to keep your business running smoothly for many years.

wholesale shisha flavours


We are proud of our brand’s consistency and its worth as a trademark. As our brand, TABAKU, has been on the Australian market ( shisha tobacco Australia) for a longer period of time, it is increasingly crucial for our company to ensure that consistency and quality control are upheld. You may be confident that we are committed to consistency because this is something we take very seriously. By making investments in quality control, we safeguard our shisha tobacco goods and let our clients know they can always count on our company to deliver products of the finest quality. Our brand is valuable because of this constancy, therefore we’ll keep working hard to keep it that way.

Do you own a shisha bar, lounge, or café? If so, TABAKU can offer a Shisha Tobacco Flavours Wholesales solution that will help you exceed customer expectations. Our team is passionate about providing excellent service and selling high-quality shisha tobacco. Speak with us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow. Thanks for reading!