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How To Blow A Smoke Ring?

Have you ever seen someone blow a smoke ring and wished you could do it yourself? With a bit of practice, it’s not as hard as it looks! This blog post will show you how to blow smoke rings and a few other smoke tricks that are perfect every time.

To blow smoke rings, there are four simple steps:

  1. Draw some smoke from your shisha and hold it in your mouth without inhaling.
  2. Close your lips and pull your tongue back, so the smoke doesn’t get near your lips
  3. Make an “O” shape with your lips and blow out a few bursts of smoke.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you’ve blown a perfect smoke ring!

Apart from the smoke ring, you may wish to learn a few more fantastic smoke tricks like a mushroom cloud, waterfall, and dragon smoke trick.

Mushroom Cloud

The mushroom cloud is an example of a simple shisha trick. This smoke trick, also known as the Ghost Inhale, does not require much effort. Take a deep breath of shisha smoke and hold it in your mouth for a moment. Then, all you must do is blow out all the smoke in the shape of a ball and quickly inhale it back in. Isn’t it simple? Try it out next time and see how it goes.

Waterfall Smoke –

Another simple trick with multiple variations is the waterfall smoke trick, also known as the French inhale. Anyone can do it because it is so simple. Slowly move your tongue forwards from the back of your mouth to help push the smoke out. Make sure this is a slow and gradual movement. Try not to expel the smoke too quickly, as it will dissipate before you finish the trick. Begin inhaling slowly through your nose while squeezing smoke out of your mouth with your tongue.

Dragon smoke –

The Dragon trick involves exhaling vapour from the corners of your mouth and nose at the same time, creating a nice look that will undoubtedly impress your friends. Exhale through your nose while also exhaling some of the vapour through the corners of your mouth when you have a mouthful of vapour. Keep the centre of your mouth closed without closing the corners too tightly; it is difficult to exhale through your nose and mouth at the same time, it is not difficult to learn.

A few minor but essential tips: whatever smoke trick you want to perform, you must be away from the wind or vents. You won’t be able to make a thick and dense cloud otherwise. Also, do not attempt it if you have a cold or fever. It will only worsen your condition.

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