Why is TABAKU shisha tobacco quickly becoming the go-to brand for Australian shisha smokers?

Why Is TABAKU Shisha Tobacco Quickly Becoming The Go-To Brand For Australian Shisha Smokers?

TABAKU shisha tabaku is one of the newest brands on the Australian market, and it has quickly gained popularity among smokers. There are numerous reasons for this: TABAKU shisha tobacco is made with only the finest Flue-Cured German Virginia Tobacco, it produces a thick cloud, and the flavours last longer than other shisha flavours from other tobacco brands.

But it’s the way TABAKU shisha tobacco is blended that sets it apart from the competition. TABAKU adds shisha flavours to shisha tobacco right after you place your online order, unlike traditional shisha tobacco such as Al Fakher, Al-Waha, or Nakhla, which are manufactured far away from Australia. This results in a fantastically fresh smoking experience that you will enjoy. TABAKU shisha tobacco is also made with a higher proportion of shisha flavours tobacco, giving it a more intense flavour and significantly increased heat resistance. As a result, the TABAKU shisha flavours are long-lasting and sharp. TABAKU is the brand to choose if you want high-quality tobacco in a variety of flavours. Order TABAKU shisha tobacco today and discover the difference for yourself!

TABAKU introduces Custom-Made flavours, in addition to our 80+ long-lasting, premium shisha flavours, which are already available for purchase on our website. A new way to enjoy your favourite shisha flavours in your own unique way. You can place an order for Custom-Made Tabaku Shisha   Tobacco via our WhatsApp Business Account. One of our skilled and knowledgeable tobacconists will blend and craft it specifically for you and your individual preferences! The TABAKU Custom-Made service allows you to personalise your shisha tobacco experience. You can customise the flavours, the strength and nicotine level, and the amount of menthol in each mixture to ensure that everyone has a good time! TABAKU is the brand for you if you want a customizable shisha tobacco experience. Order your personalised TABAKU flavours today!

TABAKU offers a variety of packaging sizes to meet your needs. You can choose between 25g, 50g, 100g, and 250g packs. Our 25g pack is ideal for experimenting with different TABAKU flavours and determining which one is best for you. The 100g pack is ideal for those who have found their perfect flavour and want to try TABAKU’s flavour pairing suggestions. Then there’s a 50g pack for having a secondary flavour to mix with the main flavour and experience a new way of smoking. Once you’ve found your ideal flavour and flavour combinations, the 250g pack is the way to go. We also offer a sampler pack that contains 5 packs of 25g of the best-selling flavours from each collection, providing you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to sample the concept behind each collection’s flavours. We have you covered no matter what size of Tobacco packaging you prefer!

TABAKU’s 100g and 250g packages are airtight plastic packages that are perfectly designed and manufactured to keep your TABAKU shisha flavours fresh and easy to store. As a result, you no longer have to waste money on Sistema plastic containers . TABAKU’s packaging has perfect sealing. As a result, the tobacco inside will always be fresh, retaining its intense aroma and flavour.

Please keep in mind that 25g and 50g packages are only available online and cannot be purchased at our TABAKU Store in Rydalmere, NSW.

Warning: Tabaku contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Quitline 13 78 48