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This collection of shisha tobacco flavours has been hand-selected to offer the best possible smoking experience, and we're proud to put our name to them. When you smoke these flavours, you can taste the signature of TABAKU. For over 15 years, our African Queen and Ti Amo flavours have been the best sellers in Europe, and for good reasons. Whether you're new to shisha or a professional shisha smoker, these flavours are sure to please.

The TABAKU Deluxe Collection has been expertly crafted to include some of the most popular flavours from worldwide. Each flavour recipe in this collection has been developed to suit Australian shisha smoker taste buds. The TABAKU Love 66 has a stronger menthol impact, the TABAKU Pinkman has a brighter taste, and the TABAKU Ladykiller is smoother and sweeter than the original recipes.

The TABAKU Classic Collection includes all the traditional shisha flavours you know and love, ensuring you don't miss out on any old favourites. Satisfy your cravings for nostalgia with classics, the original recipe of double apple with strong anise to unique Paan Raas shisha flavour. TABAKU shisha flavours in this collection will take you back in time. You won't find anything like it in the Australian market!

The Dessert Collection from TABAKU features some of the most unique and delicious tobacco flavours available. By using traditional flavours like Vanilla and Caramel to create modern flavours like Creamy Apple and Strawberry Ice Cream, The TABAKU Dessert Collection offers a range of shisha tobacco flavours that are simply out of this world and the perfect choice for wintertime shisha sessions.

The TABAKU Supreme Collection offers some of the most modern and exciting shisha tobacco flavours on the market, all with a new twist. From TABAKU Ice Green Apple, which is perfect for those who love a sour apple taste, without traditional anise flavour in the background, to TABAKU Lime Grapefruit, the ideal balance of two beloved citrus flavours. There is something in this collection for all shisha smokers.

Introducing the new Beach Collection from TABAKU! This line of shisha tobacco is based on the strong and robust Burley tobacco leaf known as the dark leaf, making it perfect for professional shisha smokers who want to graduate to more robust shisha tobacco. All of the flavours recipes in this collection have been expertly tested, and the Collection will soon be available in Australia!

Tabaku Samplers

TABAKU sampler pack is the perfect way to get a taste of our unique and fresh shisha tobacco flavours .
With these packs you can find five different varieties in each TABAKU Collection that will satisfy your taste buds.

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The Tabaku journey began in 2010 when we discovered that Australian shisha smokers were fed up! Fed up with getting what they were given which was at best…average. After scouring the world, being put through our paces by panels of international shisha tasters Tabaku was born and we are now delivering our 80 shisha flavours nationwide. Read More

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